Case Study

XYZ Limited is an importer and wholesaler of shoes. The business sells ladies’ shoes to large retail chains. It has a summer and winter programme.

We assist this customer in the following ways:

  1. We source products from manufacturers in China.
  2. We negotiate bulk discounts with these suppliers.
  3. The customer then presents to retail chains; the chains place a firm order on our customer.
  4. We then arrange the order with the factory and pay a deposit so that production can commence.
  5. Next, we ensure that the currency risk for converting USD (the buying currency) to the customer’s trading currency of, for example, pounds sterling is covered for the entire duration of the contract.
  6. Once goods are prepared, the supplier invoices us and we pay for the goods.
  7. We arrange transport insurance.
  8. We arrange for freight and shipment in our name.
  9. On arrival of the goods, we pay VAT & Duty.
  10. We deliver to the customer at their request and invoice for the cost of the goods and services and our margin.
  11. On the due date, we are paid.
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