Our Company

The management team has been providing logistic services via other international companies for more than ten years. As demand for their service has grown, despite the current difficult economic climate, they have decided to bring this business opportunity to investors in the UK who can benefit from their past successes and experience.

Operating costs are quantifiable and controlled. As a result, investor funds are used to generate income through trading and not to fund overheads such as product development or research and development.

EIS offers the opportunity to benefit from Capital Gains Tax deferral, income tax relief, inheritance Tax relief and tax-free growth. Deal Partners offers an investment opportunity which carries a lower risk than many normal EIS products.

A key strategy of Deal Partners is to protect against most risks that arise in the trading process by using a variety of insurance products.

However, risk is always inherent in any business that is seeking investment and Deal Partners is no different.

Deal Partners services have been available worldwide for many years. We are not offering an investment in new technology, ideas or opportunities that carry a high risk of failure.

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