Investment Process

  1. Mr Smith completes the Deal Partners EIS application form and sends it to us, with his cheque.
  2. Deal Partners processes the application form and banks the cheque into the Deal Partners Limited EIS account.
  3. Deal Partners will start the trading deal process immediately with identified customers.
  4. Once the EIS Company has traded for four months, Deal Partners accountants apply to HMRC for the EIS3 that we remit to our investors to obtain their tax relief. If tax has been already paid, it can be made as a separate claim outside of tax return.
  5. After a minimum of the three-year EIS holding period from the investment date, the investment is fully qualified for income tax and CGT relief.
  6. Mr Smith can now sell his EIS holding and exit Deal Partners EIS or continue holding the investment. If he exits, any deferred CGT will be payable and he will lose the IHT relief. This can be avoided, however, by rolling the investment into a new Deal Partners EIS product. Investing in a new EIS will result in further income relief.
  7. Releasing your investment may be possible through the following options:
    • Disposal of shares to a third party or back to the Company
    • Management buyout
    • Trade Sale
    • Liquidation of the company through a winding up
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